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Weekend Language

Think about it: on weekends, we’re all great communicators because our default is storytelling. When we go to a party on Saturday night, we don’t talk about how we optimized our calendar last Wednesday to monetize our mission-critical, best-of-breed, seamless-solution-provider business. (If you do, that’s probably why you haven’t been invited back to many parties).

No, on the weekends our speech is conversational, simple, clear, and interesting. We speak in examples, anecdotes, and analogies. But then Monday morning hits. We step into the office and suddenly we’re full of feature lists and ten-point plans, “high level” terms and nonsense. As if that wasn’t bad enough, we beat the snot out of our audiences with 118-slide PowerPoint presentations chock-full of text.

Audience members typically don’t remember anything from those types of presentations. But they do remember stories. The approach and techniques found in this book are designed to help you replicate your existing strengths as a weekend storyteller so you can drag them into your weekday presentations to and conversations with customers, partners, employees, and investors.

That way, you can be a great communicator every day of the week.

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Founders & Principals


Andy Craig

Andy teaches executives to talk more on the weekdays like they do on the weekends – when they are at their best as storytellers. As a coach, he puts executives on camera and uses the video to help develop story-based presentation narratives that are meaningful in the moment and memorable after the session.

He has coached CEOs, executives, engineers and sale professionals at some most successful technology, insurance, manufacturing and healthcare companies in the world. He is co-author of the book, Weekend Language: Presenting with More Stories & Less PowerPoint. He presents regularly about the power and importance of storytelling in corporate presentations, elevator speeches and media interviews. Over the course of his 20+ year career, the Public Relations Society of America has recognized his work with three Silver Anvil Awards.

Andy lives in Austin, Texas.

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Dave Yewman

A friend of Dave’s 11-year-old son Aaron asked, “What does your Dad do?” Aaron thought for a minute, then said, “He teaches people how not to say ‘um.'” That’s a pretty good elevator speech for a presentation coach. Dave likes to think there’s a bit more to presentation coaching than that — but it’s a great place to start. In the past 10+ years Dave’s coached CEOs, professional athletes, tech startup founders, engineers, creative designers and pretty much everyone in between.

Dave Yewman is a strategic communications expert with more than 15 years of experience. A former newspaper reporter and columnist, he speaks regularly to groups about how to use clear, concise, compelling language as a strategic weapon when dealing with reporters, employees, sales prospects, shareholders, and consumers.

Dave lives near Portland, Oregon.

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Jill Bennett

In her nearly 20 years as a business reporter and news anchor, Jill had some memorable interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, stock traders and rock stars. She best remembers the storytellers and the ones who could explain a complicated subject in a matter of seconds. That clear, conversational language is what Jill focuses on today when coaching executives for presentations and media interviews. It’s language that gets applause and gets quoted. Jill was the Managing Editor and Anchor of BusinessWeek TV, a program that aired nationally on ABC stations. She also reported live daily from the stock exchange for ABC. Jill lives outside of NYC.


Carl Guess

An award-winning copywriter, Carl puts a premium on helping people find just the right words. Why? Because audiences love presenters who get to the point and don’t waste their time. Carl has coached CEOs, investment fund managers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, and even marine architects. He works with companies that sell everything from software to ski boots – as well as those that fund startups, treat patients, and manage billions in retirement funds.  Yet no matter the industry, his approach is always the same: help people find what really needs to be said and to say only that.  Carl lives in Seattle, Washington.


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No matter your market, the keys to presenting effectively are the same.
That’s why our clients span high-tech giants and worldwide
insurance companies to the biggest brands in sports apparel.

Here’s a partial list:

what we do.

our approach.

Okay, but how specifically do you develop a great
presentation? Our simple methodology: S.T.O.R.Y.

More stories, less PowerPoint, practice out loud.
Great speakers tell stories, don’t use bad slides, and always (always)
practice diligently before presenting.

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More stories.

Less PowerPoint.

Practice out loud.

We elevate presenters from blah to brilliant.

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